Bumper Blast

Hanging Boat Buoys that children dodge, push, and swing on and around

Cave Peaks

A series of hanging and floor based vinyl covered foam stalagmites that kids can twist and crawl there way through

Gang Slides

This is a large 3 laned open fiberglass slide, the slide has hills and dips, and the open 3 lane gives children the ability to race down 

Horizontal, vertical rollers

A pair or multiples or large vinyl covered foam rollers that children must squeeze through


A series of colorful foam humps for kids and parents to climb to different levels of the playground

Mountain Climb

A series of triangle foam steps to climb to higher levels of the playground

See through floor pads

A see through floor panel for higher level structures to give an added thrill for kids and parents to taller units

Rainbow Bridge

A colorful arched rope bridge for children to get across large gaps

Trolley Glide

Children or parents can grab a hold of the handle supported by a track on top of a long corridor of the play system and swing from end to end

Web Bridge

An elevated web with multi colored vinyl foam decks to cross the span 

 Lilly Pads

Raised multi colored vinyl covered stumps for kids to jump across, usually accompanied with hand over hand elements

Suspended web crawl

Webbing tubes that run between steel support rings

Mish Mash Maze

An area of the play system that kids crawl through until they find a exit. Vinyl panels and foam with holes in alternating corners form the path