North West Play Safety Policy

“Safety first, play second: Our commitment to your children’s well-being.”

Safety is always a top priority for North West Play. We understand how important it is to design safe play areas for children, and we promote safe play through the design standards we have set for all of our playgrounds and play therapy systems. Our design principles are based on input from safe play advocates and experts in the field, as well as organizations such as ASTM, CSA, ROSPA and TUV. By following these standards, we can ensure that the playgrounds and play areas we create are safe for all children.

1. Follow safety guidelines:

All safety guidelines and rules provided by North West Play should be followed. This includes ensuring that children meet the age and weight requirements and wear appropriate clothing and footwear.

2. Proper supervision:

Proper supervision of children using the indoor playground should be conducted. This includes monitoring the children and ensuring that they are using the equipment safely.

3. Report hazards or concerns:

Report any hazards or concerns related to the indoor playground to North West Play immediately. This can include broken equipment, loose bolts or screws, or any other potential safety hazards.

4. Emergency response plan:

An emergency response plan provided by North West Play includes knowing how to contact emergency services and where to find first-aid equipment when there is an event of an accident or emergency.